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↬ a viral storm

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bazuru arashi
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Arashi Translations Community

Welcome to yet another Arashi community! Since this is a solo comm, I'm taking the liberties to post whatever I want lol. Subs, mini-subs, translations, raws, whatever Arashi content I have!

Lyric translations, interviews, etc will be kept public, but subs and others are subject to being member locked! Join to view them.

And, please remember I'm only one person - and a student - so I may be quite slow. Japanese is NOT my native language; I'm still studying so I will make some mistakes, but I try to be accurate.
Membership is currently open, no commenting required (but feel free to leave one anyway!). I just ask that you:

⨯ do not claim my work as your own and/or re-upload elsewhere
⨯ do not hot-link other people to downloads, link to the original post!
⨯ do not translate any lyrics into other languages, and ask before translating subs

And just be nice!! To me, and anyone else here :)

More info here

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