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[trans] Sho Otonoha Vol.213

Here's Sho's most recent Otonoha update! I've included some notes about it at the end too. Enjoy the cuteness! :)

Otonoha Vol.213 - "The Night Before Episode 6"

It's I, acting as Kazama from the Nemesis detective agency.
Today we're doing episode 10.
We've been shooting "scene 10" since early morning.
(It's kinda hard to convey...)
On air, the core part of the plot has been appearing in and out of sight.
... it's gonna be super interesting!!!
Personally, I've been looking forward to all of Taka&Yuji and Kaoru's scenes. I can feel strongly how lively and happy they seem to be.
No matter how much I read the script and learn what it entails, the scenes I don't appear in are always something I enjoy greatly.
... I'm looking forward to tomorrow's broadcast too!!!
It happened at the beginning of March.
We were filming at the cemetery.
Whilst waiting to be called up, I was enjoying a pleasant conversation with my fellow actors.
"Kazama-san now please!"
At the staff's call, I went to do some filming.
I finished the shooting, and once again chatted with the others.
"Kazama-san now please!"
I went to do the filming.
I returned and once again engaged in the conversation.
I suddenly realised it in the moment I found myself laughing.
I sobered up... or you could say, took a clear overview of this situation, and then I realised.
Eguchi Yosuke-san.
Nakamura Toru-san.
Ishiguro Ken-san.
... and me.
What am I?
What is this?
Is this some sort of time warp?
Why am I included in the ring of "people we watched back in those days"?
Furthermore, the stuff we're talking about is, to these three guys:
"Back in those days..."
What kind of situation is this?
Why am I just casually listening to this conversation and laughing?
As I suddenly returned to my senses, I found myself chatting and laughing pleasantly, within this group of extraordinary people.
On another day.
I was riding an elevator together with Nakamura Toru-san.
"Sho-kun, is --- close to here?"
"Oh, it is. Just a short walk away."
Toru-san getting off the elevator.
Sakurai left standing in the elevator.
Toru-san's back.
The closing door.
... huh?
Did Toru-san just say... "Sho-kun"?
He said it!! He definitely said it!!!
He said it to me, right? Definitely!!!
... Yes. My race is hearting. *
This scene. My heart can't take it.
One below the detective agency, it's the dangerous setting of "Furikaereba Yatsu Ga Iru." **
Whilst having fun (in a way that even I can't believe) together with my many co-actors every day, I've also been spending this exciting and creative time together with all the staff too.
Well then!
Episode 6 is on air tomorrow!
The very end of the puzzle will deliver you the very biggest "Voila!" of anything so far.
I’m also looking forward to Taka&Yuji and Kaoru's scenes!
(Here's this theory I'm only looking forward to things) ***
And currently, the filming is at the climax. It's getting to the very best part.
Well then.
I'll return to the set.
Sakurai Sho

* He switches around the phrase for "my heart is racing" here.
** "Furikaereba Yatsu Ga Iru" is an old drama, although I'm not exactly sure what he means since I've never seen it.
*** I don't really understand what he means by theory, but I believe it's referring to the fact that he keeps talking about 'looking forward to' stuff.
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