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[trans] Jun Enjoy Vol.195

From 2 weeks ago, forgot to upload this here!

Jun Enjoy Vol.195 - "Pollen.."

How have you guys been?
Feels like it's gotten a bit hotter recently...
And the pollen has been intense 💦
This is the most difficult season for me..
Let's do our best. To everyone with hay fever.
We've had a lot of things to watch today, right?
Did you watch?
I did too, of course.
The digest videos for Arafes and This is Arashi.
It's been a while since I've seen Arashi (lol).
Even though my point of view was to check it over, it still felt nostalgic.
Although, I remember it like it was yesterday.
Even the Arafes setlist, I haven't forgotten any of the things we did.
It's just a digest, but because I do think it displays a fun mood, please have a look.
Our Netflix was also released today.
I watched it too, again.
Man, it feels nostalgic (lol).
Once again, thank you to the all staff and directors who always followed us, for such a long time.
Although I've started saying this myself, they probably got pissed off at times too (lol).
But it wasn't only our outward feelings during these times included; I think some other sides to us that they were able to capture also have much meaning.
For the time being, I want you guys to rest well 🤣
I also saw tweets from our fans.
There's some nice songs that came at good timings (lol).
I understand.
You got that all right! (Lol)
Yeah... but also,
Suddenly releasing all these things at once, those Arashi guys (lol).
Well, please watch it all at your own pace when you have the time.
It's not gonna disappear 💨
Oh, and the 99.9 continuation was also announced.
I'm looking forward to seeing what'll be in it~ ✨
Sadly, there's nothing I'm able to talk about right now, so I'll write again once we start filming.
Also, I must mention Kabuki-za.
The Great February Kabuki play.
I had the greatest time, being able to go see this.
It's amazing.
I felt strongly that we connect with our folklore like this. And I could see that.
I'm truly glad to be born in the same era!
It's a pity that I couldn't call out then, so I'll do it now.
Nakamura team!!!
Aniki Kantaro, you were amazing ✨✨✨
And that's how things are with me.
I've been taking it leisurely this month (lol).
Everyone, please take care of your health.
Bye bye 🤞
Matsumoto Jun

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