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[trans] Sho Otonoha Vol.208

Today he talks all about his birthday, and a special present from a certain junior of his!! Enjoy!

Otonoha Volume 208 - "Thanks for my Birthday"

It is I, the one who laughed while watching "Advice to Jun" on VS Damashii.
(... this guy, he's completely unrelated)
It is I, the one who let out an exclamation of wonder when Aiba made macarons without any difficulty, the day after my own fearful cake baking.
(... this guy, watching TV always without change)
Thank you so much for all the messages on SNS, during my birthday last month.
Doing a live broadcast on the day of my birthday (I believe that happened but,) was also a new thing, so it felt a tiny bit embarrassing.
Rather than,
"The end of your thirties"
With the idea,
"The run up to your forties"
I want to keep living while improving my own daily life.
The day of my birthday.
As soon as it turned midnight, my family group chat rang out.
My mother
"Happy birthday!"
And after that, one by one I received messages from other family members too.
I went to sleep.
Sometime after noon, on the 25th.
A message from my mother once again.
In reality, he still hasn't been born.
He was actually born on the 25th of January, at 1:25pm!"
She even attached a picture of my birth certificate.
(Why wouldn't I just come out immediately)
Until then, I'd never had such a precisely timed birthday message.
By the way, according to my birth certificate
Was my weight at birth.
I got in the car, on my way to zero.
A huge thing of cardboard, size I'd never seen before, had been put there.
What on earth is this...
My manager
"This is a birthday present from Ueda."
... huh? Seriously?
Well certainly this is like other years.
I receive presents on the day of my birthday but...
(Thank you always)
The huge size!!!!!
So big it can barely fit in the car!!!!!
First, before I checked the contents, I contacted him to show gratitude.
A response came.
"There are goods in there that I think will be useful for Aniki"
I finished zero, went home, and excitedly opened the big thing of cardboard.
"Th... this is..."
I immediately contacted Ueda-kun.
A response came.
"It's because during recording the other day
You were muttering,
I really want this..."
Love so sweet intro starts playing!
It's just a small thing I briefly mumbled.
And he noticed that, and got me this present.
I've fallen in love with him!!!
Or, I fell in love!!!
Or, I have fallen in love!!!
But yeah.
It was a delightful surprise.
I'm really so happy.
With all that, I've received congratulations from many people.
Once again, thank you so much.
Today is zero again.
I'm off!
Sakurai Sho
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