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[trans] Jun Enjoy Vol.194

I'm so glad to hear from Jun, about how he's been doing. I missed him, but I'm happy he's been resting lots!

Enjoy Volume 194 - "It's been a while!"

The weather is nice today.


I haven't written to you guys in a while.

How are you?

How are things going for you guys?


In such a short time, 2021 has started and a month has nearly passed.


I've been taking a break over the past month.


Going to sleep when I want, waking up when I want.


I've been spending my time in ways I haven't done until now.


Until last year I thought that it's just because of my age that I can't sleep very long, but...


I can sleep a surprising amount! (Lol)


I've been sleeping so much 🤣


Anyway, sleeping is fun, and I'm enjoying the luxury of doing whatever I like.


Going into this month, it became tougher once again to live our normal, daily lives but...

Since I'm taking things leisurely I'm not so troubled, although, I am also thinking about a lot of important things.


Please, don’t ever advance towards a more gloomy and heavy way of thinking.

Even just little by little, let's try for a brighter way.


I'm planning to take more on, starting from what I can do for myself.


I'll start with thinking about things, little by little.


So, you might not see much of me for now, but 💦

I'm doing well, so don't worry ✨

The news that there's no news is somehow quite good news 😄


There may also be people who are feeling a bit lonely, but...


Please do your best (lol)


As I face the winter at ease, I'll be working on myself!!


The cold days will continue, so please take good care of your mind and your body ✨✨


Well, see you again.


2021.01.30        Matsumoto Jun

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