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[trans] Messages from students to Aiba Masaki - Happy Birthday Aiba!

First of all, HAPPY 38TH BIRTHDAY AIBA!!!!! I love you so much!!! Here's a birthday celebration post :)

Anyway, yeah, this is a post jam-packed with love for Aiba so get ready!! I've translated this article from this high schooler's online magazine website. I already shared some messages they had for Arashi as a group on my Twitter, but I saw that they had individual member's messages and I knew I had to translate Aiba's since his birthday was so soon! (I don't usually do birthday stuff because of the time pressure but I just took this chance!)

Also I apologize if I misspelled any names! Some of their kanji was quite uncommon but I tried my best :)

Messages from Junior and Senior high school students to Arashi's Aiba Masaki; "Arashi's Lubricant," "I love his smiling face."

I’m a third year high school student who loves Arashi. As everyone knows, Arashi will be taking a pause from 2020/12/31 and suspend all their activities. “I want to send my thanks to Arashi.” With that thought, I've borrowed the help of the high schooler’s newspaper editorial department to collect messages for Arashi from middle and high school readers, and I was able to gather many words of gratitude. This time, I’m presenting some of the messages for “Aiba Masaki-san.” (Proposal by high school journalist Chii-chan, editing by Koshizawa Kotona)

- I have decided what I want to do in the future
Aiba was my favourite animal show MC. It was wonderful to watch him on shows with such a gentle atmosphere.
Through watching this animal show, I came to realise what I want to do in the future and I’m now working hard to reach my dream. I feel nothing but gratitude for him. [From a 1st year high school student]
- I also want to become this type of adult
I’ve watched Arashi since my early childhood, and I always loved Shimura Doubutsuen; seeing the gentle figure of Aiba-kun really warmed my heart and made me think about how I also want to grow up to be such an adult as him.
Thank you for guiding fans and people of all ages, as Arashi. I truly love how Aiba is an unsung hero, someone who works hard even out of sight. [From Aotan, 3rd year high school student]
- The difference between his singing and acting is so cool
I’ve watched Aiba since I was young, and he seems to be really, really kind and thoughtful towards the members. And he really seems to have fun when performing, I don’t understand how he gets this much energy, all this time.
At the same time, he also plays serious roles as an actor - I think the difference there is really cool. I love the innocence that Aiba-kun has had since so long ago. Because you've taken on so many shows, please keep at it and take care of your health. I’ll be supporting you! [From Youri, 2nd year high school student]
- His deeply touching, cool figure
In Arashi too, Aiba-kun has overcome many illnesses and even more. It was so cool yet wonderful to see him write a letter expressing his feelings of gratitude for the Arashi members, while crying on 24 hour TV. That kind of figure is really deeply touching to me. [From a 3rd year junior high student]
- His utter dedication is impressive
It’s really so impressive to see how Aiba-chan always puts his utmost effort into everything he does, and seeing that, I too was able to work my very best in my extracurricular activities, even when I felt depressed and worried! [From Shakeikura, 2nd year high school student]
- “There are great things because he smiles”
“There are great things because he smiles,” I will always be able to support this sentence. [From Omiwa, 3rd year student]
- I was encouraged by his cute smile
I was able to go to school despite being bullied, thanks to Aiba-kun’s cute smile. I am truly grateful. [From Aorin-chan, 3rd year junior high school student]
- His smile that supports Arashi
It’s not an exaggeration to say that Aiba-kun’s constant smile and his presence is the thing that makes Arashi. He had a passport and so joined Arashi. He’s a truly miraculous person. [‘I wish Arashi to be happy!’ 3rd year high school student]
- His smile is “Arashi’s Lubricant”
Always smiling Aiba-chan. I believe his smile and personality is the lubricant of Arashi. I’ll always support his self that willingly tries for everything.
His words “I don’t smile because I’m having fun, I smile because that will surely make things fun,” really left a deep impression on me. When things are tough. When they’re painful. Let’s smile even in those kinds of times. I can think like that. Thank you so much. [From Ponpoko Tanuki, 1st year high school student]
- A sun-like existence
I love his silliness, and so I love the group’s sun-like Aiba-chan’s smile! [From Osoba, 2nd year high school student]
- The extraordinary smile that warmed my heart
Aiba-kun, thank you for everything up until now. In even the most painful and tough times, Aiba-kun always held such an extraordinary smile. That smile warmed my own heart.
Arashi may be taking a break, but Aiba-kun will still be working a lot of MC jobs, and delivering his smile to many people still. I’ll always support him. [From Junyuu, 2nd year junior high school student]
- Thank you for becoming the source of my energy
Aiba-kun’s smile is truly wonderful, and seeing his inexpressibly amazing pureness in posters and CMs, on TV and in concerts, it made me automatically want to smile too.
And furthermore, seeing him taking on everything with all his power has always, always gave me support. It helped me be able to think, “So, I too can try! Whatever will happen!”
In addition, within all the interesting projects, which they planned for their SNS so that Arashi and their supporters could somewhat enjoy it, I ended up only wanting all of the goods that Aiba-kun produced. I really love Aiba-kun’s sense.
I’m really honoured that he could be the source for my energy. Thank you for being Arashi. Thank you for being born. [From Gumii, 1st year high school student]
- “Writing hiatus brings a power-up”
Aiba-kun is a person who embodies the word innocence, and who gave me many laughs.
On 24 hour TV after their hiatus was announced, after saying the words “Writing hiatus brings a power-up,” I could sense Aiba-kun’s love for Arashi and his love for fans, and so even though they’re going on hiatus, everything will be fine because they will return. Which helped me feel a bit more relieved.
Thank you so, so much. [From Nino Ude, 2nd year junior high school student]
- “Having a bright and positive outlook on everything”
Aiba-chan. I’ve always been a fan of Arashi since I was in elementary school. I’m so happy that I have the same birthday as Aiba-chan, and I’ve always boasted about it (lol). Thanks to that, my birthday has been extremely fun every year!
And, Aiba-chan always handling life with a bright, positive outlook gives me courage. Even when things are painful, if I hear Aiba-chan’s cheerful voice on the radio and see his smile on TV, it always brings me joy. Thank you so much. I always, always love you. [From Ayusato, 3rd year high school student]
- “Thank you for making me really happy
Within Arashi, Aiba-kun is the one I like the most. The reason I like him, it’s just because I like him! (Lol.)
I always watch Arashi’s shows when I’m experiencing hardships, and they make me feel truly uplifted. To add, I really love Aiba-kun’s smile. Thank you for always making me extremely happy. [From Ari, 2nd year high school student]
- Creating a storm around the world
Aiba-kun who time and time again repeated these words, create a storm around the world. Now, Arashi is truly creating a sensation, and I believe that Aiba’s sun-like smile is unmatched by anyone. I was repeatedly saved by Aiba-kun’s friendship! [From Arashi Waka, 1st year high school student]
- A pureness loved by many people
The number one thing I want to express is that I am so grateful for him joining Johnny’s. While the other members worried lots, only you didn’t waver in taking pride in being an idol and being Arashi; I think you’re really a natural idol.
Despite being hospitalized because of his lung and also having to worry about being fired, the Aiba-chan who loved Arashi and was always grateful that Arashi was 5, is a true glimmer of hope for Arashics.
And surely that won't change in the future either. After Aiba-chan told us “I want to work as 5 again,” I decided that I must support Arashi until the very end, and realised that I will wait for them, forever.
My fan-self is saying cry-baby, but this so pure Aiba-chan has helped me countless times.
Thank you for being the pure Aiba-chan even when you grew up and, in a good way not changing at all. From now on, please continue to be the Aiba-chan who cherishes people close to him and loves many people.
And I too want to continue being someone who loves Aiba-chan. I really, really, from the bottom of my heart, love you so so so much. I love you. [From Nae, 2nd year high school student]
- My comfort being
As expected, Arashi’s life-of-the-party come silly-character Aiba-chan really heals me. Recently I’ve felt even more through Aiba’s scrunched-up laughing face, and his constantly bright, gentle supportive nature, that he’s a truly great person. Please continue to live healthily and make your smile that brings people joy. I love you! [From Chii-chan, 3rd year]
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