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Hello there!

Hello and welcome to bazuruarashi!

I made this community mostly just to post any Arashi translations/subs, raws, etc, and possibly some other J-pop too! I wanted to give back to Arashi's fan community that puts in so much effort to make content available, how ever I'm able to!

I will keep lyric translations and most text interviews etc public, but a lot of my subs/raws will be locked after some time so please join to view them. You can find a masterpost of everything here.

I don't want to make joining a hassle, but please just read these rules and notes before clicking join:

 Do not claim my work as your own or reupload it elsewhere. In the case of dead links please try to contact me first, but noly those are fine to reupload.
 Please link other people to my original post rather than hot-linking to download links.
 Do not retranslate into other languages without asking permission first! Please do not retranslate lyric translations at all.
 I am no longer accepting non-LJ accounts (such as Twitter, FaceBook...), however, empty/new journals are fine.
 I reserve the right to remove anyone from this community as I see fit.
 I am largely a solo translator, so I can be quite slow. Anyone who helps me will be credited accordingly!
 I'm not yet 100% fluent in Japanese, so I will make some mistakes, but I do check everything quite thoroughly.
 Using cuts of my translations elsewhere is okay, credit is nice but not at all necessary!
 If you have any suggestions or corrections, leave a comment or message me on Twitter for anything! ! I'm always grateful for feedback :)

Update: Membership is now moderated, however no commenting is required. Just request to join and wait to be approved!

And with all that out of the way, please enjoy!
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