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[trans] Sho Otonoha Vol.205

Other people have also translated this but it made me cry, so I had to do my own.
My chest seriously tightened. I'm too emotional. Please join me in crying :)

Otonoha Vol.205 - "On Arashi Day"

It's me.
It's 11/3 once more. The anniversary of Arashi's CD debut.
Was everyone able to have fun on "Arashi Day"?
For me,
"Aiba Sugoroku"
was the best.
Even now, we're trying to figure out what things we can and can't do, but this time it finally happened!
It's thanks to the staff from before that we could bring it back.
"Gorgeous Celeb" was amazing... lol
Again, thank you for watching Arafes 2020.
[The time spent while watching Arashi's concert at the same time as everyone else] It was the first time I had experienced that, it was really precious, and refreshing.
It was really fun seeing all the reactions in SNS comments.
The other day I went to a Casa BRUTUS interview and I felt once more...
We welcomed the early morning of 1999/11/3 at Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium.
[To those who came at that time, thank you once again]
In 2020, we stood in the national stadium.
Having that incredible chance once more, I felt flooded by strong emotions.
Next up is New Year's Eve.
[This is Arashi live 2020.12.31]
For 2 years, we've kept on wondering how we should approach this day.
Yesterday (the 14th) too, the 5 of us came together...
We carefully inspected the lyric sheets, and repeatedly listened to the various songs.
Saying stuff like,
"Doing this song again would be good~"
"Hearing this now, the way it resounds is different too."
This will be our first live broadcasting.
I'm excited to spend that "same time" with so many more people.
Please join in with us.
And, finally.
There may also be some people who weren't able to watch, so I will leave here the final greetings from 11/3, Arashi Day.
For a receipt,
[Sakurai's Arashi Day greetings, a draft]
Once again, it was 21 years ago when we debuted on this very day, 11/3. In the misty morning, as we dressed in the venue, a long queue for the handshake event had already amassed...
I didn't predict that, so I was really surprised.
It's been 21 years since then.
There's been so many things that I couldn't even imagine.
I never imagined that 21 years later I'd be able to stand here at the national stadium, although on the other hand I also didn't imagine holding a concert like this, with no one in the audience.
21 years have passed and once again I've been thinking...
If we don't strongly wish for this, if we don't strongly believe in this, we cannot reach the future we hoped for.
"The future we hoped for" may end up different, and we may not be able to look back on things.
And still, unless we strongly wish for it, we will not get the future we hoped for even if we wait.
Once again, thank you for the past 21 years.
Right now, standing within the future from that time, it is above anything else because of everyone's support; it is because everyone so strongly pushed us forward.
Thank you so much.
Please continue to support us in the future too.
Sakurai Sho

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