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[trans] Jun Enjoy Q&A Section #1+#2

Jun started a small Q&A section on his Jweb to celebrate 200 volumes of Enjoy. Not sure how long he'll do it for but I plan to translate the ones he does do! Copied the second from my Twitter.

Q&A #1 - 2021/08/30

Q. What is your hairstyle currently?
A. Since I'm not acting any role right now, I'm just letting it grow out! But since I got it cut short for Miyama, it's still not too long!

Q. What's something essential for you during summer?
A. Sandals.
I found some really comfortable sandals this year, so I've been using those all the time!!

Q. What's something you've cooked recently that's made you think "This is delicious!!!"?
A. Vegan burgers!!
I made vegan burgers using plant-based meat and they taste so much like real meat, it's amazing!!

Q. I love clothes, and I especially love thrifted* clothes!!
I think that people's tastes in clothes change as they get older, so has your taste in clothes change as you've aged?
A. I used to really like thrifted clothes too, but one day I just couldn't wear them anymore.. Time has passed and for the past few years, I've kept on wearing my favourite new clothes, as well as coming to like thrifted clothes once more. I feel like my favourite things are becoming quite fixed~

Q. Do you plan to get golden highlights done again?
A. At present, I have no plans to!
I don't think I'll be changing my hair much from now on, when I don't have any roles to act.. Actually, I wanna know if you guys have any styles you want to see on me~. Whether or not I'll actually do them is up for debate, lol.

Q&A #2 - 2021/09/01

Q. This is embarrassing to say, but I always forget if your birthday is the 30th or 31st. Do you have any method I can use to remember it easily?
A. The day before is August 29th, Michael Jackson's birthday, and the next day after on the 30th is Matsumoto Jun's birthday!

Q. What is this 'Enjoy' series to you? From when it first started, to the present now, has it changed??
A. It's something where I didn't even realise how long I've been doing it for. I haven't learnt how to write properly, I've just always written exactly how I feel. Language and writing styles do differ between eras, but it's thanks to everyone reading this that it's reached 200 volumes. Thank you!!

Q. What comes to mind when you think of summer? For me, it's fireworks. I want to see fireworks in Kokuritsu again with Arashi!
A. The sea, baseball, and birthdays! Both I and a lot of people I know are born in summer~

Q. Now that shooting for your film has finished, are you doing anything to prepare for your Taiga Drama coming up next?
A. Reading up on information, and searching facts! I also need to get moving my body from now on!

Q. Do you still drink room temperature water on hot summer days?
A. Pretty much always! But I also have cold water for when people visit me. I do drink it sometimes~

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