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Hello there!

Hello and welcome to bazuruarashi!

I made this community mostly just to post any Arashi translations/subs, raws, etc, and possibly some other J-pop too! I wanted to give back to Arashi's fan community which puts in so much effort to make content available, how ever I am able to!

I will keep lyric translations and most interviews, etc public but a lot of my subs/raws will be locked after some time so please join to view them. You can find a masterpost of everything here.

I don't want to make joining a hassle, but please just read these rules and notes before clicking join:

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[sub] Drama "Nemesis" Episode 1

Here's English subtitles for Nemesis episode one! Huge thanks to hoshizora20 for making it possible!

Subtitles are timed to the web-dl raw at chesutosakurai, however either raw works. I'm planning to continue doing subs for the rest of the series, although I may not be as quick since I will have more important real-life commitments in the future.

This post will be member-locked at some point in the future, not sure when yet. Please join to keep updated with the subs :)

Nemesis Episode 1 - "A Genius Detective Appears!"

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[trans] Arashi BORDER Lyrics

Requested by cpotatoface! This is really a wonderful song, and sadly I don't believe it's ever been translated?

  ↳  A "grade 6 star" is, according to google, the dimmest star possible to see with the naked eye! I think the proper term would be "6th magnitude" but I felt it sounded a bit odd in the lyrics.
  ↳  As always, please do not reupload or retranslate these lyrics.
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[trans] Arashi Gekkan TV Guide - Happy Birthday Sho!

First, Happy Birthday Sho! Although it's somewhat sad as the first birthday this year, still a day to celebrate! Let's all hope he has the best day today!

I meant to upload this last year but I abandoned it with like 20 lines left... so here it is finally finished for Sho's birthday!! This is from a special Arashi feature in Gekkan TV Guide, from the January 2021 edition released in November last year. They talk about 4 Arashi topics: concerts, SNS, pairings, and their songs in relation to members. You can view scans here.

The five members chat about everything Arashi!
Arashi’s 〇〇 talk
On November 3rd, Arashi welcomed their 21st debut anniversary. The 5 of them know Arashi the best! So, from new anecdotes to nostalgic tales, they talked about everything relating to Arashi. As expected, Arashi is loved!
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[trans] Messages from students to Aiba Masaki - Happy Birthday Aiba!

First of all, HAPPY 38TH BIRTHDAY AIBA!!!!! I love you so much!!! Here's a birthday celebration post :)

Anyway, yeah, this is a post jam-packed with love for Aiba so get ready!! I've translated this article from this high schooler's online magazine website. I already shared some messages they had for Arashi as a group on my Twitter, but I saw that they had individual member's messages and I knew I had to translate Aiba's since his birthday was so soon! (I don't usually do birthday stuff because of the time pressure but I just took this chance!)

Also I apologize if I misspelled any names! Some of their kanji was quite uncommon but I tried my best :)

Messages from Junior and Senior high school students to Arashi's Aiba Masaki; "Arashi's Lubricant," "I love his smiling face."

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[sub] Minna de Junbi da! TV EP#02

Took me a bit longer because I've been busy with real life, and for God's sake those men wouldn't stop all talking at the same time... so please excuse my sorta messy typesetting. If you have any feedback I'd welcome it!

Also in regards to the dancing episode released today/yesterday, I chatted with yukinamizuki and she said she'll probably sub it! I'm going to be quite busy for the rest of the month, so I may not have time to sub many of the new episodes (and I'll be relying on data mostly :/). But please anticipate episode 1: tickets preparation! I got too excited by episode 2 that I skipped episode 1 lol, but I can get that one done now :)

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